Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jessica; a wife, mother to three amazing kids who keep me on my toes, living in southern California.

I’ve always utilized writing as a form of personal expression and creativity, but I started blogging for the first time after being diagnosed with breast cancer on July 15, 2015. I found blogging to be the best way of connecting my family & friends to my journey, as well finding a platform to seek out a positive purpose within my diagnosis and I’ve been able to learn some valuable life lessons along the way!

My breast cancer journey began with my ability to trust the guidance of my intuition that I attribute to literally saving my life and if I hadn’t trusted intuition;  my “inner voice,” to guide me to obtaining the necessary medical tests that saved my life, than my story would have a different outcome today.

Are you traveling through life without direction; lacking fulfillment within your days, weeks, years…? Then perhaps, you’re not allowing your intuition; “your inner compass” to guide your way to aligning you on the path for which you’re intended to travel.

With developed awareness, your intuition has the power to guide you to live a more fulfilling life. Its been described in terms as your “inner voice, gut instinct, 6th sense, or internal compass,” but whatever you call it, if you learn to develop it, you too, can allow it lead you on a quest to feel more whole; {mind, body, soul}.

I’m happy to have you here as passengers on my quest to wholeness and I look forward to revealing all that I’m learning along the way in order  to empower you to listen more closely to your own intuition; enabling you to take steps towards living your best life; a life with faith, purpose, love, & light.

*Faith: With Faith as your foundation, you approach adversities without fear

*Purpose: Utilize your “Gifts/Talents” for the greater good of others as a gift that’ll keep on giving

*Love: Possess an attitude of gratitude by balancing giving and receiving blessings

*Light: When aligned with your intuition, your inner light will guide your way through the darkness

Share my journey to overcome breast cancer to seek out life lessons within  every adversity faced by turning pain & passion into positive purpose….

I’m so thankful you’re here!


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