A Quest to be Whole: Mind, Body, Soul

Mind: Increased Intuition

Intuition: An intangible sense buried deep within, intuition is commonly referred to as our “inner voice,” our “gut instinct,” “6th sense,” or “inner compass.” This journey of life is full of twists and turns, detours, and road blocks; therefore, our intuition is there to help guide our way during times of uncertainty or misdirection. If your intuition was speaking, could you hear it or do you often find yourself lost and off-track?

As a breast cancer survivor, it was my ability to hear and trust my own intuition that I attribute to ultimately saving my life. I hope that by sharing my journey of survival, empowerment, and hope with you through my blogs and videos, I can empower you develop your own sense of awareness by revealing ways to develop your intuition, leading you towards living a more fulfilling and balanced life; mind, body, soul.

Body: Increased Intuition

Trusting my intuition enables me to tune into my body and know that something just isn’t right. Despite being in the best shape of my life, its during a 10K run that I feel unusual abdominal pain, mimicking all the symptoms of appendicitis. My overwhelming sense of urgency leads me to the ER, where I’m diagnosed with a baseball sized ovarian cyst and sent home to follow up in gynecology.

I had also developed a lima bean sized lump on my left breast a few months prior, that seems to appear out of nowhere and though benign cysts are common in coming and going throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, I felt the same sense of urgency whenever I did a self-exam. With all the “signs” I’ve been receiving, I knew that I must act quickly to obtain all of the necessary medical tests I’d need to receive answers.

I’m diagnosed with breast cancer on July 15, 2015 and immediately create a blog to use as a platform to seek out a positive purpose within my diagnosis. I hope that by sharing my story, you too, can find your own positive purpose within every adversity you face in life.

Soul: Angel Signs

Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer, I start receiving unexplainable “signs,” starting with seeing the number 11’s everywhere I look. It’s as if the 11’s are desperate to capture my attention and won’t stop until I understand what they are trying to tell me. They appear  in repetition on every clock I come into contact with, are found on street signs, billboards, people’s clothing…everywhere!

I didn’t understand the meaning until I’m encouraged to look up the meaning of repeating 11’s (1,11, 1:11, 11:11) in the world of numerology. From there, a whole new world opens up to me and my sense of awareness expands and the “signs” I receive continue to evolve and bring with them even more messages of validation and protection. This is just what anyone needs being embarking on an uncertain journey to treat breast cancer. I openly share this journey with you all throughout my blog posts and I invite you to join me.

What “signs” do you receive? Have you ever looked up the meaning to receive the message you’re intended to receive? It may just change the course of your life.





Diary of a Breast Cancer Survivor

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Diary of a Breast Cancer Survivor

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